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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Self-study materials and online training

Eduhouse training services

The extensive online training services of Eduhouse are available for the staff and students at Tampere University and TAMK and those who have a resource agreement at Tampere University or TAMK. On Eduhouse's digital learning platform, you can find educational videos, online trainings, and podcasts. Study paths and training modules have also been compiled by training theme. You can also create your own study plans in the learning platform.


You can log in to the training services in two ways:


Training themes

The members of Tampere University Community have access to the following subject areas in the Eduhouse service:

  • DigiSkills - For developing and maintaining digital skills for knowledge workers 
    • e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other M365 tools, data-analytics, PowerBI, cyber security, AI 
  • PowerSkills - For developing and managing essential skills in the workplace and support well-being at work
    • e.g. time management, emotional and interaction skills, negotiation skills, motivation strengthening, resilience, recovery, well-being at work 
  • Management and Supervisor - Training for supervisors and leaders
    • e.g. the role of a new supervisor, Finnish employment law, challenging situations, team leadership, project management, hybrid leadership, coaching leadership, work ability management 
  • Finance & Tax - For developing and maintaining competence in financial management
    • e.g. profitability calculation and budgeting, current reviews in financial management and taxation, educational paths for controllers 
  • Sales & Customer Experience - For improving sales and understanding customer experience
    • e.g. developing customer experience, customer interaction, challenging customer situations 
  • Business Basics - For a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals and legal matters
    • e.g. service design, labour law, marketing, sustainable development, and responsibility 
  • HR & Payroll - For HR and payroll management professionals
    • e.g. HR legislation, competence development, employee experience, coaching 

Please note! Contents in English are limited, but you can add English subtitles to training videos recorded in other languages in the service. When playing a video, select CC/Subtitles → English.

Explore the training services by clicking on "All subject areas" in the navigation bar on the top of the page:

Eduhouse subject areas

You can complete more extensive study paths by progressing step by step through the whole path, or pick up a short video just right for your current need to watch.

In the digital skills trainings, you can test your skills before studying by taking the entry level test and after studying compare what you have learned with the final test and get a certificate.  


Free online trainings – digital classrooms

You can also find online trainings (digital classrooms) on digital skills on Eduhouse learning platform. On the platform, you can sign up for digital classrooms, cancel your participation, and view all your sign-ups.

The digital classrooms are held via Teams. About a week before the training begins, you will receive an email invitation containing the Teams participation link.


Kick-Off -meetings and introduction videos

Eduhouse's Kick-Off event provides an effective start to begin your studies and get acquainted with the service. Eduhouse organizes these events every few weeks; sign up for the Eduhouse Kick-Off. You can also watch a recording: Eduhouse-service for TAU & TAMK (40 min.) 

Alternatively, you can watch the How to Use Eduhouse video in the Eduhouse service (Log in with your TUNI credentials using the log in with Microsoft account option).


Support in using the service

If you have any questions about the service, Eduhouse's customer service representatives are available in the service chat (on the learning platform or on the page, by email trainings [at] (trainings[at]eduhouse[dot]fi) or by telephone 030 670 5320. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on Eduhouse support page


Instructions for users at the Tampere university community regarding Eduhouse's services

Please note the following:

  • Observe the university community’s information security guidelines and rules. You may find the guidelines on the public IT Services page and on the intranet with the search word “information security”.
  • M365 instructions: The M365 service we is partly customised for the purposes of our higher education community. Thus, some of the instructions do not apply to our organisation.
    • Guidelines on user ids and changing the password can be found at the ICT Services page of the Tampere university community.
  • Eduhouse has a chat service. Please note that it only concerns the use of Eduhouse and its contents. The IT user support in the University community can be reached via email to it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi). IT Helpdesk chat can be found at
  • On Eduhouse, you may also find instructions related to social media use. When using social media services, please note that the University community has a guideline on social media use
  • In order to develop the service, we follow up on the number of users from the University community. Information on individual users' independent study or usage rates is not monitored, but the participation data of online trainings (digital classrooms) and training programmes (which include both online training and independent studying) are collected for the training compensation application.

Eduhouse's Privacy Policy: 

Eduhouse is the joint contractor of the university community in ICT training. Eduhouse is a Finnish skills development expert whose team of experts and comprehensive partner network ensure functional training solutions throughout the country.


The Digital Toolkit

The Digital Toolkit is a practical resource that offers you information and advice for using a variety of digital tools for teaching, learning and work-related purposes. The website is maintained as part of the digimentor activities of Tampere Universities.

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Personnel trainings' recordings

Links to other personnel trainings' recordings can be found on the intranet page: Personnel trainings' recordings


Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)

You will find self-study materials and webinar recordings to support teaching and counselling.

Published: 28.11.2019
Updated: 22.3.2024