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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Getting ready for an exam

As a university student, you will come across many types of texts that you have to read. Reading exam books and other scientific texts is different from reading a novel or comics. Have you considered how that is? In terms of maximum learning efficiency, there are better ways to revise for an exam than to start on the first page of a book and proceed systematically from one page to the next until the end.

The Study skills website maintained by Aalto University offers information on study techniques. The pages include information, for example, on the learning of isolated facts, systematic learning and the role of memory in learning.

Note-taking techniques

Note-taking helps you absorb information, and good notes are extremely valuable when you are preparing for an exam. Taking notes helps you analyse and remember information. The most efficient method is to use techniques that involve information modification: reshaping the issues learned into various diagrams, lists or notes written in your own words.

Select the note-taking technique that works for you:

Preparing for an exam and exam anxiety

An exam approaches and your panic rises? Exams are important occasions for all students. For some students, cramming for exams comes naturally, and they may even enjoy exams as an opportunity to show off their skills. For others, exams are downright terrifying and anxiety-inducing. With appropriate preparation, you can turn exams into pleasant occasions that support your learning. 

If you need support for brushing up your study skills or to overcome exam anxiety, contact the University’s study psychologist.

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 23.10.2023