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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Academic guidance and counselling services and their development

Tampere University and TAMK

The aim of academic guidance and counselling is to facilitate students’ learning, help

them make choices about their studies and promote the smooth and timely progression of their studies. The University offers guidance and counselling services that support the development of academic expertise and foster continuous learning. The services also support the achievement of the University's goals for internationalisation. The range of services available includes timely and appropriate communications, advisory and instructional services and special advisory services.

The University aims to offer academic guidance and counselling services that not only support the wellbeing of students but also help them satisfy their academic and degree requirements and graduate within the normative timeframe, which is generally five years.

The quality of guidance and counselling services is developed in collaboration between the faculties and University Services to achieve common University-wide goals. Guidance and counselling services are mainly provided by degree programme staff and the faculties. Each faculty and degree programme has a designated person who holds primary responsibility for developing academic guidance and counselling services and related practices. This responsibility may also be assigned to the degree programme committee.

Academic guidance and counselling services at Tampere University from the perspective of goals and functions



Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 10.6.2022