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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Examination process of a licentiate thesis

Before the licentiate thesis is submitted for examination, it must undergo the official originality check with the Turnitin software. Feed your thesis manuscript into your supervisor’s Turnitin section on the TUNI Moodle. Your supervisor checks the originality report and informs the faculty about the results at the same time that he/she proposes examiners for your thesis. 

The faculty appoints two examiners for the thesis who must both hold doctoral degrees. After your supervisor has granted permission, deliver the completed licentiate thesis manuscript and the possible partial publications to the faculty according to the instructions of the doctoral programme/faculty.

The licentiate thesis is saved on the publication database Trepo, which is the institutional repository of Tampere University.

Submitting and publishing your thesis: Good to know before submitting and publishing your thesis

Guide for submitting your thesis for evaluation in Trepo

Visual instructions to submit the thesis to Trepo

The examiners issue written statements on the licentiate thesis mainly within two months. The faculty decides on approving the thesis and the grade, which can be “approved” or “failed”. Before the faculty’s decision on the grade, you are reserved the opportunity to issue a rejoinder on the examiners’ statements. 

Licentiate theses are electronically published on the Trepo database.

Published: 15.4.2019
Updated: 3.7.2023