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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Publishing a doctoral dissertation (printing and the press release)

Publishing your doctoral dissertation

There are several ways to publish a doctoral dissertation. The most common way is to publish it online as part of the Tampere University Dissertations series and have a few copies printed for the public defence and personal use or choose another publisher to publish a dissertation. Please refer to the Library's dissertation guide for instructions.

The doctoral dissertation must be exhibited online and/or printed 10 days before the public defence. Before that, the book must be printed. The time of the publishing process depends on the publishing method and the publisher. In all cases, several weeks must be reserved for the publication process. We recommend that you contact the Printing House to agree on the printing schedule even before the issue of the defence.

Please make sure you deliver copies of dissertation in time to the faculty and Library. The printing house will send the dissertations published in the Tampere University Dissertations series to the faculty and Library.

The title page to be attached to the dissertation must indicate the time and place of the dissertation and that the dissertation is submitted to the public for examination with the consent of the faculty concerned. You can find a title page template in Library's guide.

Press release about your doctoral dissertation

Research and researchers are of interest to the public. As doctoral dissertations are an important part of the scientific output of Tampere University, it is important that the information on dissertations is readily available. All dissertation press releases will be published on the website of the University.

The staff at the Communications Unit of Tampere University send press releases to the media to announce news associated with the University, such as new research results and doctoral dissertations. The press releases are sent in Finnish via STT media service. The staff members select the dissertation press releases that are forwarded to the media from among the ones published on the University’s website. The selected press releases may be further edited in collaboration with the doctoral candidate.

The release text has to be delivered by email to communications.tau [at] at least three (3) weeks prior to public defence event. This will allow enough time for the communications specialists to assist you in finalising the press release. If you choose to stream your public defence online, the link to the live stream will be added to the press release.

You can also be proactive and pitch your story idea to journalists who you know personally or to specialist magazines in your field. It is also a good idea to share a link to your press release on social media. Please bear in mind that all media have their own editorial policy that determines which stories they will cover.

Guidelines for writing a dissertation press release.

Published: 15.4.2019
Updated: 17.5.2024