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TAMK Student's Handbook

Information Service and Document copies (certificates and transcripts of records)

Information service

1) If you need history information on Tampere University of Applied Sciences or its predecessor organisations or your information request is more extensive than a single document copy, please contact TAMK’s archive by email: tamk [at] (tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi).

2) If you want a certified copy of your degree certificate, please read the section Document Copies. Certificate copies are subject to a fee.

3) If you need a transcript of records, please check StudyInfo’s free Koski service (only in Finnish) which includes both study rights and study attainments. A stamped transcript of records requested from TAMK is subject to a fee. Information on ordering a stamped transcript of records can be found at Document Copies. If you are a TAMK student, you can print the transcript of records on PAKKI student desktop. An electronically certified transcript can be ordered at Ordering. A free paper version can be ordered through this link.

4) If you graduated from TAMK or its predecessors and you need further information or account of your degree, please go to Further Clarification.

5) If you search for old course descriptions (TAMK, PIRAMK) for credit transfer, they can be found at Old Curricula (page will be published in English later).

Document copies (certificates and transcripts of records)

TAMK stores all archive materials of PIRAMK (1997-2009) and TAMK’s and Professional Teacher Education’s documents from 2010.

TAMK’s and Professional Teacher Education’s documents made before 2010 are in the City of Tampere’s archive.

The City of Tampere’ archives have an e-form with which graduates can request copies of their old certificates.

Link to the archives’ website (where also the certificate request form can be found; only in Finnish):

Tampere Technical College’s (1886-1996) and Tampere Institute of Health Care’s (1956-1996) documents are located (only in Finnish or Swedish) in the National Archives of Finland.

Ordering and payment of document copies

Document copies are subject to a fee. The payment has to be made before delivery.

Requests for certified document copies available at TAMK are to be made by e-form in advance:

Information service request fees:

  • Degree certificate copy with appendices 50€
  • Certificate copy of specialisation studies and other courses 25€
  • Transcript of records or an equivalent document for graduated and resigned students 25€

The fees include the processing fee, postage, certification and VAT 0 %.

Payment instructions (bank giro)

Please pay the fee to TAMK’s account immediately after submitting the information service request form.

Account holder: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Bank: Tampereen Seudun Osuuspankki 
IBAN: FI58 5730 0820 6151 32 

Message field: Document orderer’s name and "information service request"

To be considered:

  • Delivery time for documents is a maximum of 2 weeks. 
  • Ordered documents are not posted before payment. 
  • Ordered documents are not sent by email or fax for information safety purposes. Documents cannot be collected from TAMK either.
  • TAMK does not translate ordered documents into other languages.
  • TAMK does not certify customers’ document copies or originals but customers should turn to a notary public instead in such cases.

Further clarification on degrees

If you graduated from TAMK or its predecessors and need further information or clarification of your degree, please see the following pages:


Published: 1.10.2019
Updated: 8.11.2023