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TAMK Student's Handbook

Student's forms

Forms for Students

Credit Transfer

Accreditation system CreTa (PAKKI)


Change of enrolment during academic year

Returning of the study entitlement (neglet of the enrolment obligation)

Extension of Study Entitlement

Extension of study entitlement (PAKKI) (the link does not work with staff user names)

Return of study entitlement and extension of study entitlement 

Final Thesis

Instructions and forms available here (see "More information")

  • Thesis Contract Form
  • Assessment by Ticking
  • Assessment by Weighting
  • Thesis Statement by the Working Life Representative


AVOP-feedback, see Study Guide



Direct questions regarding these forms to the international services at outgoing.tamk [at]

Instructions and forms for international student exchange available HERE (student version of the page, not personnel)

  • Internal application database at TAMK - SoleMOVE
  • Study plan and accreditation agreement for student exchange (Learning Agreement for Studies)
  • Language and skills evaluation form (TAMK evaluation form)
  • TAMK grant agreement
  • Cancellation / interruption notification

Instructions and forms for international training placements available HERE (student version of the page, not personnel)

  • International training agreement for Europe (Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Training)
  • International training agreement for non-European countries (Contract of training placement)
  • TAMK grant agreement
  • Cancellation / interruption notification

Learning Projects

Project contract/permit form

Commissioner's Feedback on Thesis or Learning Project


Library and Information Services

You can find the forms at the website of the Library and Information Services, see the bottom of the page:

  • Book an information searching guidance
  • Change in customer information
  • Acquisition proposal
  • Interlibrary loan request
  • Feedback to the library
  • Feedback of information searching guidance


Grant application (Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun tukisäätiö)

The instructions and application form for the Kauppias K.P. Ruuskanen Foundation's internationalization grant

Student Counselling

Study and Development Plan Forms will be found from the pages of Student Counselling in Education Process (Bachelor's degree students only).


Other Study-Related Forms

Change of degree programme or campus

Change of option

Notice of resignation

Request for study certificate or official transcript of records 



Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 7.5.2024