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From Teacher to Coach

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Tree – Continuing Education


Coaching is a pedagogical philosophy led by the idea of dialogue and learning by doing.TAMK’s Proakatemia has developed and run for over 20 years a highly successful entrepreneurship and business team-learning model, by using innovative coaching techniques. We offer 1–4 weeks programme for modern teachers to join the club of Coaches.

Contents of the programme:

Topic 1– From Teacher to a Coach

  • Coaching in practice
  • How teaching and coaching differ?
  • Opportunities of coaching
  • How to approach coaching in day to day work
  • Theories by Marcial Losada, Kouzes & Posner, Nonaka & Takeuchi

Topic 2 – Tools of a Coach

  • Tools and methods that inspire students
  • What is the significance of the team in coach’s point of view?
  • What team learning means and what are the benefits of team learning?
  • What kind of brainstorming techniques to apply in my job as a coach?
  • Theories by William IsaacsIan Cunningham Belbin

Topic 3 – New Ways of Learning

  • Coaching instead of teaching
  • Reading instead of lectures
  • Feedback instead of grades
  • Active doing instead of passive listening

Topic 4 – My Coaching Philosophy

  • Model of a coaching philosophy - what does it mean?
  • How to build your own coaching philosophy
  • What to take with you to everyday work
  • What changed in day to day work
  • What did this journey offer?


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