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Bilateral partnerships

Tampere University is an active and well-known collaboration partner and a contributor to global sustainable development. We boost our international collaboration through partnerships and networks and promote our research and education internationally. In addition to the University’s many agreements and memoranda of understanding, the University has initiated a process of developing partnerships with a more strategic aim. The Strategic International Development team is in charge of the international university partnership development.

Bilateral partnership portfolio

Currently, Tampere University has institutional academic agreements on collaboration with some 550 institutions worldwide with different collaboration foci. Some partnerships enable mobility, whereas others encompass wider areas of collaboration, including co-publications, research projects, educational collaboration as well as sharing and developing best practices.

Cooperation with Brunel University

Tampere University of Technology and Brunel University London initiated their partnership in 2015, with the aim of developing a key partnership between the institutions. After the merger, the institutions have intensified their co-operation by joint seed-funding calls and the research funding awarded by Research England awarded earlier this year. The award will accelerate the development of a strategic partnership between Brunel and Tampere University in Materials & Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering, Structural Integrity, Digital Technology, Water Resources and Ageing & Wellness. It will deliver benefits to the UK and Finland in the form of research competitiveness, societal impact and innovation. The partnership and seed-funding calls have resulted in over 20 joint EU proposals and in several Finnish research funding applications.

Cooperation with Braunschweig University of Technology

The partnership with Braunschweig University of Technology dates back to Tampere University of Technology. The partners have developed several areas of collaboration with joint seed-funding calls. The collaboration fields include university libraries, aviation technology, photonics and education.