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Industry Puzzles Friday - easy access to expertise


Industry Puzzles Friday is a free service for exploring collaboration opportunities and finding solutions to practical challenges facing companies and other organisations. It provides an easy access to the expertise of researchers and other professionals at Tampere University. The service helps companies and organisations

  • turn product or service ideas into reality
  • develop a product or process
  • take a new technology or method into use
  • resolve challenges when there are no ready-made solutions available in the market

Who's it for

The service is especially intended for SMEs, public organisations and non-profits.

How does it all happen

Write down a brief description of the problem and email it to our team at industry [at] tuni.fi. We will put together a multidisciplinary team of experts and set up a meeting. The purpose of the confidential 90-minute meeting will be to map out potential solutions and opportunities for collaboration with the Tampere Universities community. 

The service is designed for existing and active companies. We will separately assess the suitability of the Industry Puzzles Friday concept for the proposed cases.

All discussions and information provided by the company are kept strictly confidential.

Contact us

Send us email: industry [at] tuni.fi

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