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Career Monitoring at Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Where have the TAMK graduates been employed and how does their degree meet the expectations of today's working life? These, among others, are the questions that the yearly career monitoring survey is trying to find answers for.

Alumni provide valuable information for the development of TAMK's educational services and students' career planning. Not only do they have firsthand knowledge of field-related competence needs, but also experience on bachelor's and master's degree studies. 

The yearly Career Monitoring Survey maps out the employment of UAS graduates and their satisfaction with their degree and career. The aim of the survey is to produce information about graduates' satisfaction with the quality of education they receive.

The yearly career monitoring survey is an excellent way for TAMK alumni to give feedback on their studies. In the autumn of 2021 the survey was sent to graduates of 2016, who had completed either bachelor's or master's degree at TAMK. Altogether 9677 alumni answered the survey. 

According to the 2021 survey, both bachelor's and master's degree graduates' standing at the labour market was excellent. Only 1% of the respondents were unemployed and looking for work after five years of graduation. 

Among bachelor's and master's degree graduates of 2016:

  • 84 % were satisfied with the degree they had completed
  • 76 % thought that the degree had provided them adequate skills needed in working life
  • 72 % believed that their employer valued their degree 

The survey in autumn 2022

This year the national career monitoring survey for UAS graduates will be conducted in October-November 2022. The target group of the survey are all UAS graduates of bachelor's and master's degrees of 2017. The survey will be conducted simultaneously with the Universities' career monitoring survey for master's degree graduates.

The Ministry of Education and Culture utilizes the nationwide survey results in evaluating the quality and development needs of education in higher education institutions. The survey results are reported systematically, responsibly and by adhering to the GDPR and good scientific conduct.

For further info about the survey, please contact TAMK's Career Monitoring Team at uraseuranta.tamk [at]

Illustration photo: Linda Laaksonen


Further info about the career monitoring survey