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Aerial picture of Tampere and the city centre campus of Tampere University.

Tampere University Alumni studies

Graduates who have completed a master’s degree or a doctoral degree at our University (or the University of Tampere or Tampere University of Technology) may be admitted to Tampere University based on their alumni status to seek further professional development. This separate right to study may also be granted to individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree at Tampere University (or its predecessors) who do not hold the right to study towards a master’s degree in the same degree education.

Right to study reserved for alumni

As one of our alumni, you may apply for the right to complete courses within your original degree programme. You may also be granted the right to complete courses within some other degree programme, if you satisfy the requirements (for example, you may be required to have completed courses worth at least 15-25 credits within the degree programme).

You may be granted the right to complete courses within no more than two study modules at the same time. Your right to study will remain in force for up to two years (max).  

Study fees

Alumni studies will remain free of charge until the end of the academic year following graduation. After this, the studies will be subject to a charge (€15 per credit). The academic year at Tampere University runs from 1 August to 31 July. For example, if you graduate with a master’s degree in May, you will be able to pursue alumni studies free of charge until the end of July next year. Your studies will be subject to charge after July.

How do I apply for Alumni studies?

As we accept applications for alumni studies on a rolling basis, there is no set deadline for submitting an application (except for the Degree Programme in Languages; applications for courses in English or Scandinavian Languages are processed only twice a year).   

Please enclose a separate letter of motivation with your application. If you are applying for the right to complete studies offered within two study modules, you must submit two separate applications.   

Please consider these

  • If you do not satisfy the requirements to be granted the right to study reserved for alumni, you may complete courses that our faculties offer through the Open University.

  • Some of our degree programmes, such as the Degree Programme in Architecture, are only available to alumni who have originally graduated from the programme. Some degree programmes, such as the Degree Programme in Theatre Arts and the Degree Programme in Medicine, are not available to alumni students.

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Contact us!

In all matters related to alumni studies, you can get help from the study services of the faculties.