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About me

Saigopal Vasudevan is a Project Researcher for the FASTLab research group, at Tampere University. He has a B.E (bachelor’s degree) in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, India in 2016 and a M.Sc. in Factory Automation and Industrial Engineering from Tampere University, Finland in 2019.
Mr. Vasudevan has worked in the automation industry as a Roboticist for a year, between 2016 and 2017.
He is currently working in the project REMODEL from the EU H2020 funding program (2019-2023); where the aim is to develop hardware and software technologies to manipulate complex Deformable Linear Objects (DLOs) using robotic manipulators.
He is also working in the project AGILEHAND from the Horizon Europe funding program (2023-2025); where the aim is to develop intelligent and rapid configurable production lines for the Mindful and Nimble Manipulation of Heterogenous and Mobile Organic Objects.
He was also working in the project AISOLA of the INSO profiling action (2020-2021), which is funded by the academy of Finland; whose objective is to assess social isolation and to prevent the onset of perceived loneliness in older adults, with a focus on developing and utilizing dedicated AI systems.
In addition to working as a researcher, he also involved in collaborating for proposals, representing Tampere University, for the Horizon funding program of the EU with considerable success.
Mr. Vasudevan’s interests include Robotics, Bimanual Robot Manipulation, AI systems, Industrial Informatics & Automation, Industrial Design and Rapid-Protyping


Conducting research and executing Technical tasks.
Contributing to publications and project deliverables.
Managing personnel efforts on Task and Work Package level, co-ordination of dissemmination activities.
Scheduling the execution of tasks and ensuring relevant milestones are achieved.
Writing proposals for future projects' funding.

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