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Zonal Hydraulics

For research group card

The Zonal Hydraulics research group studies electrically driven decentralized hydraulic systems, mainly for mobile applications, and educates students in this field. Its expertise comprises electric machines and control as well as hydraulics and the combination of those domains. This research group belongs to the Innovative Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) group.

Research focus and goals

Zonal Hydraulics is a promising key technology for the electrification and automation of non-road mobile machinery. In this scope, the energy efficiency of actuators and whole systems is a main object of investigation and optimization. The study of sophisticated control technologies for electric machines and novel hydraulic architectures leads to improvements in efficiency but also automation potential. Another focus lays on hybrid machine concepts that utilize different energy sources and enable energy recuperation. With non-road mobile machines as the main application target, at all times, research is focused on the special requirements coming from heavy-duty work tasks as well.