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Workplace instruction at the core of VET development – TYKKY

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.9.2021–31.8.2023

The project will develop:

- a customer-oriented and unified workplace guidance model, the operating methods of which strengthen the quality of guidance for students in need of special support

- uniform operating methods and models to be used in digital applications

- the student's sufficient working life skills and knowledge of learning in working life

- positive customer experiences in working life to feel and appreciate learning and guidance.


The project aims to develop uniform and customer-oriented approach for students who needs special and demanding support for guidance counselling in working life in the whole Tampere region. Another objective is to improve the appreciation of work-life skills and guidance know-how skills by developing uniform ways of demonstrating competences. The aim also is to unify the contents and execution of workplace guidance, develop new orientation models suitable for different types of students, micro and small and midsize companies.
The target group of the project is students in need of special and demanding special support in vocational education and training in the Pirkanmaa and (Satakunta) regions, as well as students in need of targeted support measures for the articulation phases, teaching and guidance staff, companies (work cooperation and workplace instructors).

Funding source

Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Minna Seppälä
minna.seppala [at]