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Tampere Complexity Lab

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety, Technology

The Tampere Complexity Lab (TaCoLAB) aims at understanding the emergence of complexity in nature and society. We perform interdisciplinary research on the boundaries of physics, applied mathematics, sociology, and computer science, exploring the structure and dynamics of large-scale systems of interconnected entities that react to each other and the environment, especially in our technologically infused societies. We analyze the statistical properties of large empirical datasets of networked events off- and online, and emulate them via simple mechanistic mathematical models, to figure out how complex adaptive behavior at the macro level arises from a multitude of microscopic interactions.

Research focus and goals

At TaCoLAB, we're interested in:

  • Generic features of stability in the dynamics of rankings and hierarchies in complex systems,
  • Dynamic interplay of mechanisms of information transfer and tie formation in social networks,
  • Adaptive coevolution of dynamics and structure in networks,

and any other topic related to complexity, networks, and a data- and model-driven understanding of society.