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SMART ART - Changing Skills in the Performing Arts

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.11.2021–31.10.2023

Develop and pilot multidisciplinary training program, and build a model for multisectoral collaboration.


The objective of SMART ART - Changing Skills in the Performing Arts -project is to develop competences of performing arts representatives in the field of digitalization and hybrid productions. Also new needs of multisectoral and transnational environments are taken into account. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of the field by developing future competences and thus supporting the sustainable employment of the field. As it’s forecasted, that the field of performing arts will face changing and also totally new kind of job descriptions, also new kind of competencies and competence combinations will be needed, including better understanding of cost-effective economics, multisectoral and transnational collaboration and sustainable development. Project concentrates specially in performing arts organizations and staff members at Pirkanmaa area, including also representatives of other fields connected to this chosen area, e.g. IT and digital development companies.

- report and transnational comparison of future competence needs of performing arts in more digitalized and transnational operational environment
- multisectoral network at Pirkanmaa, which collaborates to forecast, support, develop and evaluate the competence needs of performing arts and future solutions of competence development
- model of pilot training, evaluation report and furthers suggestions included
- concrete competence development of participants, e.g. organizations and staff members of performing arts and affiliated fields
- collaboration model for actors of performing arts and higher education institutions to secure the relevant competence development possibilities in the future

Funding source

Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Maaret Salminen
maaret.salminen [at]