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Sixtysomething in 2017 (T60)

Tampere University

Sixtysomething in 2017 study (In Finnish:Tampereen kuusikymppiset (T60) ) focuses on health, functioning, working life and retirement, social relations, important things of life and future plans of individuals aged 60 to 69 years. The study also investigates the changes in this stage of life in last 30 to 40 years. In cohort comparisons, data from Tampere Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TamELSA) will be used. Specifically, we are interested in differences between the socioeconomic groups in health and social life of this age group.


In January 2017, a survey was send to a random sample of individuals aged 60 to 69 years in Tampere.  They could answer through mail or internet. Results of the T60 study are published in scientific publications, media and in this website and Gerontology Research Center (GEREC) social media.


With increasing life expectancy, the period of life spent in retirement has changed. Specific changes have happened in life of those aged 60 to 69 year. Working longer than before is encouraged. Health and social services are changing. Different from previous generations, many individuals at this age still have their parents alive.

Life at the age of 60 to 69 includes many everyday life changes. Most retire, take care of their close ones, but also enjoy activities and travel. At the same time, they face the expectations of working longer into later life and taking care of older and younger family members. Older adults have to prepare for future in time when services, their funding and the expected role of the individuals themselves is changing. All these dimensions of life are likely to differ between socioeconomic groups.

Contact persons

Marja Jylhä


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Johanna Surakka

Doctoral researcher

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Kirsi Lumme-Sandt

University lecturer

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