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Signal Processing Research Center

Signal Processing Research Center (SGN) conducts high impact research in multiple research groups led by award-winning and experienced Professors. The main focus is on basic research leading to scientific breakthroughs, but the teams are also active in applied research and intensively collaborate with industry and business.

Research focus and goals

Research work is conducted by experienced doctors (post-docs), doctoral students and our mission is to involve students to our research from the very beginning of their studies.

Our research and teaching spans the following three main themes:

  • Imaging and Computer Vision
  • Signal and Audio Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence

We aim for scientific breakthroughs in the core areas of signal processing, audio and speech, image processing and computer vision, machine learning and pattern recognition, and robotics.

Contact persons

Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen

Associate professor 

joni.kamarainen [at]

+358 50 300 1851