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TAMK’s Living Labs

Living Labs are an essential part of TAMK’s RDI. They enable practical development projects in genuine operating environments.

What is a Living Lab?

A new idea often calls for a large number of active people, companies and communities to fully flourish. That is why we invite private citizens, public sector organisations, associations and companies to our living labs.

Living labs may be everywhere. They are used for agile and user-centred experiments. We solve problems, foresee future needs and find new and human-centred possibilities.

It may be a question of small, everyday things or something more complex. In both cases, users and their voices are at the heart of the new idea.

We have diverse living labs in Tampere

We have a variety of living labs in Tampere. The old industrial area of Hiedanranta offers a unique living lab environment for our research and development projects and education. We also develop food services and provision of local food at Särkänniemi Amusement Park together with its thousands of visitors.

We have a restaurant living lab called TAMK Catering Studio on our main campus. It is a diverse learning environment for students, companies and communities. The Catering Studio works as a living lab in development of food services – from product development, tasting sessions, wine or food courses, workshops and pop-up restaurants to future food.

We also participate in European cooperation. Our living labs work as open innovation environments for companies and communities working with food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste.

TAMK is an active member of the European Network of Living Labs. We can use the network for learning, dissemination of good practices and deepening of cooperation.

Living Lab projects

FUSILLI project: Tampere's sustainable food system development activities

The FUSILLI project in Tampere is dedicated to enhancing the city’s role in the transformation of the sustainable food system.

The project has established a FUSILLI Living Lab, the primary objective of which is to develop best practices in sustainable food production, food education, and hospitality and catering industry.