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Strategic Impact Areas of TAMK's RDI Activities

The strategic impact areas of research and development combine Tampere University of Applied Sciences' strong fields of expertise with the changing needs of the operational environment. There are three impact areas: learning capabilities in modern work environments and international networks; adaptation of emerging technologies; and ecological innovations and socio-cultural challenges.

Strategic Impact Areas

Learning capabilities in modern work environments and international networks

The more and more complex working life is continuously in need of new competences which calls for higher education institutions to develop models and tools for learning, development of learning skills and closer cooperation between working life and education.

We develop the field through applied research and practical competence development projects. Finnish education expertise and especially TAMK’s strong pedagogical competence also interest internationally. Related education export possibilities are considerable.

Adaptation of emerging technologies

Technological development continuously launches new tools, equipment and innovations. They only benefit public and private sector working life when people can use the technology to solve working life development needs. This applies to all fields of working life and calls for a combination of diverse competences in projects, business cooperation and development of paid services and education.

Use of data analytics, artificial intelligence and information technology solutions are examples of promoting technological development. TAMK’s innovation platforms TAMK OpenLab, FieldLab and Sote Virtual Lab are strongly connected to this focus area.

Ecological innovations and socio-cultural challenges

TAMK’s value of global responsibility as well as climate change and change of values increase the importance of the ecological viewpoint. Measures which protect the environment and increase material efficiency become vital but they call for change in the way people and the society act.

Technological innovation work has an important role in promoting environmental consciousness. We cooperate closely with HUBS, which offers responsible entrepreneurship studies in our universities community.

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