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Reproductive Futures (ReproFutures)

Reproductive futures is an Argumenta-project funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. It aims to increase research on and diversify public discussion about reproduction and the apparent paradoxes of reproductive futures.

We focus on issues of family formation, reproductive justice, and environmental sustainability. We organize public events, seminars and conferences that bring together and advance dialogue between researchers, activists, politicians, civil servants and journalists.

Project group

Mianna Meskus, leader (Tampere University)
Riikka Homanen, leader (Tampere University)
Anna-Maija Castren (University of Eastern Finland)
Kaisa Kivipuro (University of Helsinki)
Tiia Sudenkaarne (Tampere University, University of Turku)
Johanna Sarlio-Nieminen (University of Helsinki)
Elli Lehikoinen (University of Turku)
Elina Helosvuori (University of Helsinki)
Anna Moring (Monimuotoiset perheet-NGO)
Sami Siltanen (Tampere University, coordinator of the project)