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Predictive Society and Data Analytics Lab

The Predictive Society and Data Analytics Lab pursues research in data science. That means we are developing and applying high-dimensional machine learning and statistics methods that can be used for the interrogation of data.

Research focus and goals

The goal of the group is to conduct innovative and creative research in the interdisciplinary field of data science to address questions of societal relevance. The group is particularly interested in data from medicine, finance, social media and the social sciences. Our methodological approach is based on computational and statistical methods in combination with network-based models.

The research conducted in our group is data-driven. That means instead of making theoretical assumptions about a given problem, we are using data generated by experiments to formulate hypotheses and for extracting information and knowledge about the underlying problem. For this reason our research is within the field of data science.

The data we are using for your studies come from many different fields, including biology, medicine, finance and social media. However, a common denominator to all these different problems is that we are applying statistical thinking in a systematic way in the form of machine learning and statistics. This allows to ensure that the obtained results are robust leading to reliable interpretations.

Contact persons

Frank Emmert-Streib


frank.emmert-streib [at]

+358 50 301 5353