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NOPSA - High-speed metal deposition for the benefits of industry

Extreme high-speed laser cladding (EHLA) is a novel coating method capable of producing fully dense fusion-bonded metal coatings with high coverage rates. Worldwide, the method is spreading as a substitute for environmentally hazardous and carcinogenic hard-chrome plating but is not yet adopted by the Finnish industry. NOPSA project demonstrates the method for the production of various corrosion, wear-resistant and antimicrobial coatings, develops replacement for hard-chrome plating as well as tests the method for the remanufacturing of worn high-value components. The knowledge gained will be transferred to the manufacturing (mining & drilling, power plants, power transmission & gears) and maintenance (engines, pulp & paper) industries in the Pirkanmaa region and its surroundings.


Funding source

Council of Tampere Region

The project is funded by the REACT-EU instrument as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.