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New Social Research (NSR)

Tampere University

New Social Research is a bold endeavor by the Tampere University to create a new, interdisciplinary social science for the 21st century.

Research focus and goals

NSR aims to address the complex array of new challenges, problems, issues and developments that face Finland, Europe and the rest of the world.  At our core is a group of dynamic and innovative early and mid-career researchers. Around us is a community of researchers from across the globe who work with and alongside us.

Underpinning NSRs work are five broad, interconnected thematic areas that address major societal challenges:

  1. Governing complexity
  2. The transformation of agency and empowerment
  3. The changing nature of work
  4. The future of wellbeing
  5. New forms of communication and interaction.

The New Social Research (NSR) programme brings together key actors from several faculties and disciplines, integrating both new recruits and already existing key staff working towards more integrated research. NSR combines analytical and descriptive, as well as solution-oriented and constructive research approaches in order to meet complex societal challenges.

Contact persons

Rebecca Boden

Research Director

rebecca.boden [at]

+358 50 509 9205


Jouni Häkli

Vice Director

jouni.hakli [at]

+358 40 197 3664