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Neuroimmunology research group

Faculty or school: Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology | Organisation sub unit: BioMediTech

Neuroimmunology research group investigates the pathogenesis of neuroimmunological diseases. Especially, we are interested to reveal the neuroinflammatory mechanisms of astrocytes and microglia in multiple sclerosis (MS). We are utilizing the human stem cell-based disease models to understand their cellular and molecular mechanism in the MS disease.


Contact persons

Principal investigator:

Sanna Hagman
Academy research fellow, Group leader, PhD, Adj. Prof.
sanna.hagman (at)
tel. +358 50 3515 562

Visiting address:

Kauppi Campus, Arvo Building
Arvo Ylpön katu 34
33520 Tampere

Postal address

Tampere University
ARVO / MET / Neuroimmunology research group
(Recipient’s name)
33014 Tampere University


met.tau [at]

Phone number

+358 (0) 294 52 11