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Nepsy Tools

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.2.2021–31.12.2023


The aim of the  Nepsy Tools project is to develop mobile applications for adolescents with neuropsychiatric disorders. The mobile applications can be used to improve the life management, everyday well-being and ability of adolescents with neuropsychiatric disorders to study and work.  Adolescents with neuropsychiatric  disorders have for example Asperger's syndrome, ADHD diagnosis, or Tourette's syndrome, or similar neuropsychiatric  problems. The target group of the project is adolescents aged from about 16 to 29. This age group is important because during the independence phase, for example, when moving away from home, in this group the problems often increase. These years of age are thus critical for studying and thus for later attachment to working life.

The project will first map the needs of adolescents with neuropsychiatric disorders and, on the basis of their needs, mobile applications will be developed. The mobile applications are intended to help them to improve their own work and functional abilities so that they will be more attached to studies and working life.

Funding source

Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Anne-Mari Stenbacka
anne-mari.stenbacka [at]