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Multiculturalism, transnationalism and transformation in education (MTT)

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety

Transnationalisation and the resulting cultural and linguistic diversity transform educational, societal and working environments. The focus of the MTT research group is on these transformations, as well as the socially just and equitable responses to them. In particular, MTT-research explores the individual, collective and institutional processes and practices in multicultural education. These can relate to teaching, learning, professional development and leading in increasingly diverse sociocultural contexts. The list of research themes include, e.g., voluntary and forced migration; culturally and linguistically responsive education; plurality of religions and worldviews in education; ethical professionalism/praxis in multicultural contexts.

The MTT research group has close connections and collaboration with the research centre on Transnationalism and Transformation (TRANSIT).

Research focus and goals

The research group seeks to attain information of the impact of the increasing internationalisation and cultural diversity to people's everyday life and learning in workplaces and educational institutions.

Ongoing research projects:

Relational Wellbeing in the Lives of Young Refugees in Finland, Norway and the UK (NordForsk, Mervi Kaukko, 2020-2024)

Implicit theories of malleability as the core of teachers’ intercultural competence (CORE), (Academy of Finland 2019-2022, Inkeri Rissanen)

What enables refugee background students’ educational success? "Zooming" in on the practice architectures of multicultural learning environments. (Academy of Finland, 2020-2023, Mervi Kaukko)

ONNISTU yhdessä (Success together) - Työhyvinvointi, johtaminen ja asiakasosallisuus sote-muutoksessa (Work-related wellbeing, management and client participation in the reform of social and health care). (ESR 2019-2020, Hanna Toiviainen) 

Merging Refugee-Educators Competences and Skills (EMERGEnCeS), (Erasmus+ Programme 2019-2021, Maija Yli-Jokipii)

Kulttuurinen moninaisuus osaksi koulun arkea ja käytenteitä (KuTiMat), (OPH 2018-2020, Inkeri Rissanen)

Group leaders:

Mervi Kaukko and Inkeri Rissanen