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MIVI 2019-2021

Tampere University

The MIVI consortium aims at growing the international competitiveness and recognition of Finnish companies working in the automotive industry or closely related fields. This is made possible through active academic and industrial co-creation and co-innovation where the latest scientific advances in multimodal interaction are combined with emerging technologies created in participating companies.  

Scientific research involves design and construction of new interaction technologies and carrying out experiments in laboratory and field conditions where their benefits will be reflected in regard of state-of-the-art technologies on the market.


The consortium consists of software vendors, hardware vendors, car designers and an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Finland and the USA.  

Project work packages includes the following research topics: 1) requirement analysis, 2) system architecture, 3) multimodal hardware and technologies, 4) multimodal software, 5) audio-visual artificial intelligence, 5) demonstrations and demonstration platforms, and  6) human experiments.


Automotive industry lives maybe the most radical change since the basic inventions. Application of information technology has opened a growing number of options and opportunities, but also generated more difficult problems to be solved than ever before. Humans using information technology while driving is much more attention demanding than anything else before.  

Applying technologies adapted for mobile communication will not solve communication between the car system and the user. Design development of car interiors for touch displays utilization does not solve the task either, but makes it severer. Traditional automotive industry processes of product development and technology implementation cannot fully answer the problems.  

For companies already involved in the business this opens up a major opportunity if they were capable of bringing novel solutions. Our competitive edge is in power of knowledge and integration of hardware and software for multiple modalities for use. MIVI aims at demonstrators which can support co-development between the partners of the consortium and contribute to the publicity of the new solutions offered to the industry abroad.

Funding source

Business Finland

Contact persons

Roope Raisamo


roope.raisamo [at]

+358 50 570 2007


Arto Hippula

Industrial Contacts Manager

arto.hippula [at]

+358 40 846 8024