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Media, Communication and Interaction research infrastructure cluster

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Communication, languages, game culture research, gamification and human-technology interaction research and teaching infrastructures support the work in these areas.

These disciplines have a rich spectrum of research subjects and methods that, however, often rely on very similar infrastructure. Joint infrastructure for these fields enables cost-effective operations and nationally and the development of nationally and internationally significant laboratories.

  • Infrastructures in the area of communication include the Theater infrasturucture, News Lab and the Visual studies lab
  • The language teaching and research infrastructure consists of a language studio, an interpretation studio and a language technology classroom.
  • The infrastructure for game culture studies includes OASIS and the Game Lab
  • Gamification and Human-Technology interaction research have joint infrastructure consisting of six different laboratories (Ludus, Usability Laboratory, Scent Technology laboratory, Touch and Gaze laboratory, Psychophysiology laboratory, driving laboratory and the Robo Studio).


Robostudio is a multidisciplinary co-learning space to work with lovely social robots.

 Learn more about RoboStudio

Interpreting studio

Interpreting studio consists of premises and equipment that are well-suited for research and teaching of simultaneous interpreting. 

Learn more about the interpreting studio


News lab

The news lab is a small-scale news desk that includes also a TV studio and Radio Moreeni facilities.

Learn more about the news lab

Nätyläisiä telepresenssi-yhteydessä Coventryn yliopiston kanssa.

Theatre arts infrastructure

The theatre arts facilities include a black box-type theatre, two rehearsal spaces, singing and speech training premises, a sound studio, a dressmaker’s workshop, wardrobe and a joiner’s workshop.

Learn more about the theatre arts infrastructure