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Learningshift - The future of learning

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

The project has a strong innovative character as it:
• focuses on the future of learning: despite the efforts made by the EU, Europe still lacks integrated approaches to support the learning (r)evolution
• empowers educators/teachers/trainers to act as change makers by enhancing their knowledge, competences and skills
• promotes a sharing point for educators across Europe to get acquainted with the topic, improve their skills, connect with other peers, share practices and network
• provides a comprehensive educators training academy with the following advantages:
- developed upon the latest research on learning innovation
- flexible
- easy to disseminate through online platforms
• involves universities, research centres and SMEs guaranteeing appropriate large-scale exploitation of results through their networks and associates


The Learningshift project was designed to be a pioneer initiative, capable of empowering educators as facilitators and change makers. Learningshift will equip educators and, through them, the learning organisations/communities with the knowledge, attitudes and competences required to design, set and facilitate learning experiences to nurture the 21st century competences development.

Funding source

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (SP)

Contact persons

Yulia Sergeeva
julia.sergeeva [at]