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High Voltage Engineering

Main mission of the group is to carry out high-level scientific research in the area of High Voltage Engineering, which is one of the core areas of Electric Power Engineering. As the group governs the only remaining independent HV laboratory in Finland, another task defined for the group is to share this infrastructure also for the industry by offering research and testing services especially for the Finnish industry.

Research focus and goals

The main scientific focus is on thorough understanding of the short and long term performance of high voltage insulation systems - one of the main areas of HV engineering. This covers not only the various phenomena occurring inside the individual insulating materials of the system but also the phenomena at the interfaces and electrodes, often strongly affecting the final performance of the insulation system.

As the reliability and lifetime of HV electric power apparatus is mostly defined by the performance of their insulation systems and as the designed lifetime of these devices is typically very long (typically in the range of 30-40 years) with really high reliability requirements, the importance of the research field is evident.

The research group currently focuses on the development and electrotechnical performance analysis of high voltage electrical insulation materials and systems and on the development of electrical characterization methods utilized therein.

Currently the group's main scientific research work is focused on development of polypropylene (PP) based nanocomposite materials for capacitor applications, development of high voltage DC cable insulation systems and condition monitoring and on high voltage metrology. In addition, the group is active in the areas of diagnostics of HV devices, over voltage protection and accelerated ageing and life testing of HV insulation materials, components and systems.

In addition to scientific research projects, the group is also carrying out a considerable amount of studies, customized tests etc. in the areas of HV engineering by direct contracts from the industry.

Contact persons

Kari Lahti

Research Manager, Adjunct Professor / Head of the group

Kari.Lahti [at]

+358 40 585 9805


Minna Niittymäki

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

MInna.Niittymaki [at]