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Health in society

Tampere University

The themes and topics of research and teaching include health and social policy, health sociology, health services research, health care management and health economics.

Research focus and goals

The themes and topics of research and teaching include

  • Health and social policy: the changes and reforms of social and health policy, the operating principles of welfare states, health and welfare inequalities
  • Health sociology: practices, discourses and attitudes related to health and food, food fads, health in media, health and consumer society, health and quality of life
  • Health services research: the institutional and economic development of health services
  • Health care management
  • Health economics: distribution of health and social service use, costs and effectiveness of services, trends in use and costs of services

The group teaches bachelor’s, master’s, continuing education and doctoral students. In addition, the group provides academic continuing education for social and health care managers as well as management training for specialising doctors.

Our goal is to produce nationally and internationally high-quality research and training. Our teaching and supervision educate experts for the field of public health to work as researchers, experts and managers. Through research, networks and social impact, we produce new knowledge and perspectives, and influence sustainable social and health care solutions.

Our projects:

  • Mediating expertise and scientific knowledge in public debates on health (MEX) (Jallinoja)
  • Inclusive Promotion of Health and Wellbeing PROMEQ (Rissanen)
  • Prevalence, direct and indirect costs of type II diabetics with major diabetes complications in Finland (Rissanen)
  • Politics, practices and the transformative potential of sustainable diets (POPRASUS) (Jallinoja)
  • Citizen Mindscapes (Saari)
  • Intergenerational vulnerabilities (SUHO)(Saari)
  • Body image and nutrition among the vulnerable (KEHUVA and Somebody) (Saari)
  • Management Game for Social and Healthcare Organizations (MAGELLAN) (Konu)
  • Asiakkaan valinnanvapauden ja asiakasarvon toteutuminen (VARVO) (Rannisto)
  • Social Inequalities in Ageing (Keskimäki)
  • New dynamic of longevity and the changing needs for services (COCTEL) (Rissanen)

Other members

Piia Jallinoja, Juho Saari, Ilmo Keskimäki, Pasi-Heikki Rannisto, Pekka Rissanen, Anne Konu, Leena Forma, Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, Riitta Rantala, Heli Parviainen, Marjaana Jones, Anu Järvensivu, Lauri Kokkinen, Olli Kurkela, Saija Kylliäinen, Elviira Lehto, Juhani Lehto, Anna Saloranta, Tiina Arppe.

Contact persons

Piia Jallinoja


piia.jallinoja [at]

+358 50 437 7047