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EQUAL TREATMENT: Supporting rights and access of people with intellectual disabilities to secondary and tertiary healthcare services

Funded by the EU
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.4.2022–30.9.2024


Despite many EU policy recommendations on People with Disabilities health and their rights to access health care services, approximately, people with a learning disability die, on average, 16 years younger than the general population, and are over 4 times more likely to die from causes that were amenable to good quality healthcare. The quality of health of PWID is way below the average, exposing them to high levels of risk. The context analysis shows that this issue is directly connected to the reduced/low level of accessibility of Healthcare services and the insufficient support to PWID rights.

The main objective of Equal Treatment project is to support rights and access of people with intellectual disabilities (pwid) to secondary and tertiary healthcare services.  

The activities i.e. work packages of the project are
- Project management and coordination
- Research, Analysis and Policy Recommendations development
- Online platform and self-learning e-modules development
- Impact and Dissemination

The results of the project are:  
- More effective policies on PWID inclusion in HealthCare services  
- Lower barriers for PWID to access HealthCare services  
- More effective training of HealthCare Staff to interact with PWID  
- Stronger and better collaboration between HealthCare Staff and other professional supporters  

Project deliverables will be:  
- Study “PWID rights and access to HealthCare services in Europe”  
- EQUAL TREATMENT: self-learning e-modules for HealthCare staff  
- EQUAL TREATMENT FACILITATOR PATHWAY: self-learning e-module for Professional Supporters  

TAMK’s role in the project is to support the online platform and self-learning e-modules development with substance and digipedagogical competence, and also pilot the deliverables of the project with local stakeholders and students.

Funding source

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership LS 2021-2027

Contact persons

Päivi Puutio
paivi.puutio [at]