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EduKnow: Knowledge, Power, and Politics in Education

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety

EduKnow is a research group focusing on the Knowledge, Power, and Politics in Education. Our members are working around the world from different research discipline backgrounds. As a research group, we are inclusive and host different theoretical and methodological approaches to the groups research interests.

Research focus and goals

Our group particularly focuses on the institutions of compulsory school education and higher education. Our geographical contexts of research span multiple countries and continents, as we are interested in understanding how changing governance practices unfold in and are specific to local contexts.

We are interested in understanding how societies are governed, and, specifically, how education and knowledge contribute to and function as governance technologies, and how knowledge is used in education policy-making. With respect to the role of knowledge in the governance of education, our main questions are:

  • How do particular knowledge and its producers gain and exercise power in education governance?
  • How is knowledge production, in addition to its use, embedded in politics and how does it contribute to power relations?