Eco-dystopia and Non-human Agency

The main focus of Raipola's research project is to update the anthropocentric conception of dystopia to meet the era of modern-day climatic patterns, environmental toxins and natural disasters antithetical to human wellbeing. Raipola combines multiple theories and brings forth a critical perspective into the traditional literature analysis. The purpose is to recognise and distinguish the various characteristics of eco-dystopia as a literary, visual, and cultural genre.

Previously, dystopia has been understood mainly as a depiction of  human agency threatened by the actions of other humans, but this time the focus is on the agency of the non-human world.



With insights gathered from eco-critical theory, Raipola aims at highlighting the typically problematic relationship between human and non-human agency in ecologically oriented dystopian fiction. The research project uncovers intersections of material eco-criticism and literary dystopias in Finnish fiction. Raipola's material includes mixed-genre texts, post-apocalyptic narratives, short stories and other darkening visions of the future.


Funding source

the Finnish Cultural Foundation


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University Lecturer

Juha Raipola

+358  50 318 0613