Construction Management and Economics

Faculty or school: Faculty of Built Environment | Organisation sub unit: Civil Engineering

Research in the field of construction management and economics focuses on construction management and sustainable development of the built environment. Topics of specific interest are construction management on clients side, construction operations, property development, regional development, and development of learning and work environments. Digitalization is a cross-cutting topic in our research.  

Our mission is to renew the development and maintenance of Built Environment via new techno-economic knowledge are relating novel solutions. Our role is to unfold the modern multidimensional and tricky phenomena in co-operation with private and public sectors. For this purpose our work can benefit from our broad international research networks.

Research focus and goals

We are closely connected to the private and public sectors via contract research and other types of activities. Our experts are providing research based evidence and solutions for the present most challenging problems and questions. These techno-economic research services are scalable to the various needs first according to the nature of the research object starting from certain types of structures or services, and individual buildings to the infra-system or regional levels of operations.

The present problems in the real estate and construction sector are multidimensional and very tricky that are requiring new research based breakthroughs and innovations. Climate change, limited natural resources, globalization, urbanization ja digitalization, as well as population growth are key drivers of change for different sectors and their actors. The built environment and its vast number of different actors (Infrastructure, Real estate and Construction) are clearly in the focal point of the changes taking place in societies, services and businesses. The services and end-products need to be developed to a new level, where their effects can be managed in a systematic and reliable way.

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