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Circular Economy RDI-network in Civil Engineering

Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Infrastructure and building construction produce biggest volumes of reusable and recyclable materials in Tampere region. The efficient and cost-effective ways to reuse or recycle these materials still need a lot of development. Genuine and active networks focusing on circular economy development in construction sector is missing entirely and current actions are mostly taking place in silos and in individual, small networks. Taking into account the possibility for reuse can be included already in the planning process, when the whole life cycle of the building or structure (cradle-to-cradle) and current rules and regulations can be taken into account.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University together aim at developing and RDI ecosystem and network for systematic utilization of construction materials by identifying the key partners and stakeholders, urgent needs, knowledge gaps and existing networks in the region. Strong RDI networks are then formed around the key challenges. The networks include stakeholders from municipalities, trustee associations, companies where detailed workplan is made to solve actual issues and meet the challenges in that particular field. As a result, active networks and circular economy operational models are formed to promote holistic planning and design covering the whole value chain of construction.

Funding source

Euroopan alukehitysrahasto (EAKR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Mauri Laasonen
mauri.laasonen [at]