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Building Physics

Building physics research group studies physical phenomena, which affect to the hygrothermal behaviour of different structures and materials. It also studies energy consumption of buildings and physical phenomena that affect indoor air quality.

Research focus and goals

Our main research topics:

  • Hygrothermal performance of envelope structures and whole buildings
  • Building physical material properties
  • Indoor and outdoor air conditions, climate change
  • Building physical performance criteria and limit values, fault tolerance
  • Development of analysis method for moisture performance of structures
  • Energy consumption and energy efficiency of buildings
  • Development of research methods and facilities

The main goal of research group is to continue being a leading building physics research unit nationally and a high-quality research unit internationally as well as to be one of the leading research groups of Civil Engineering Unit at Tampere University.

Specific goals:

  • To continue improving widely building physics research quality and facilities
  • To participate national and international cooperation projects
  • To offer research, product development and expert services to building industry
  • To impact societally e.g. to prevent mould and moisture problems and effects of climate change in buildings
  • To develop teaching and education by new research results


Building physics research group has been established in 1994. Research group co-operates widely with construction sector, government, municipalities as well as other universities and research institutes by offering different research and expert services.

About 10 research projects are ongoing yearly. Projects vary from large international and national collaborative projects to product development projects of individual companies. Several hundred international and national publications have been published on studies.

Research group organizes also biennial Finnish Building Physics Conference together with Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL. This event is the biggest professional conference of Finnish building industry.