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Building Concepts for Affordable Housing (KARKIT)

Tampere University

The KARKIT project was established to explore the means and abilities of housing design to provide affordable housing. Recent domestic and international concepts of design and construction which enable affordable housing solutions were analysed. A design course for architectural students with the topic of Affordable Apartment Building Type was included in the research project.


The project consisted of four parts: 1) enquiry, 2) the design project, 3) the analysis of the results of the enquiry and design project, and 4) the classification of solutions. The enquiry part focused on recent cases and concepts, which produced affordable housing. The design project consisted of the housing design course for architecture students at the Tampere School of Architecture with the subject of Affordable Apartment Building Type. The results of the previous parts were put together in the analysis section. Finally, a wide selection of concepts and models that provided affordability to housing was presented.


Housing affordability is an important matter. It is a key issue especially in the growing city regions, which are economically well-off. However, in most cases the discussion on affordability deals with housing policies and building processes. There is not much research available on housing affordability with the emphasis on architectural design. Therefore, the approach undertaken in this research is not only important but novel and vital.

Funding source

Tampere University, Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA)

Contact persons

Jyrki Tarpio

Responsible leader of the project

jyrki.tarpio [at]

+358 50 324 2356


Tommi Teronen

Project researcher

tommi.teronen [at]

+358 40 550 7146