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Boundaries of Performing

Established in 2007 as The Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre T7, Boundaries of Performing is a research group in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences ITC. The group studies, develops, and critiques theories and practices emerging from the artistic, productional, scientific, methodological, technological, and socially effective operating cultures within the performing arts and the cultural sphere at large. International and national research projects are carried out together with degree programmes, faculties, research centres and groups at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences; institutions and operators within theatre and the media; other universities and HEIs as well as various organisations of the private sector.

Research focus and goals

The values upheld and promoted by the group are diversity, equality, and transparency. They help to foster influential research at the intersection of culture, arts, and the society; to advance the quality and the quantity of arts research and artistic research at Tampere University and to develop new means of studying, producing, and experiencing arts and culture with societal impact.

The main research areas studied are

  • The Social Impact of the Performing Arts and Culture  
  • The Performing Arts and Culture as Work Environments  
  • New (including Digital) Operating Cultures of the Performing Arts

Other members

Boudaries of Performing consists of three collaborative research groups: Theme Group Performance, Network for Sound Research, and Bodily Dramaturgy Research Group.