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Pasi Pyöriä

University Lecturer, sosiaalitieteet, alana sosiologia

About me

I am a university lecturer in sociology focusing on working life and labour market studies. My research interests include job quality and working conditions, precarious work, work careers, telework, and knowledge work.

ResearchGate / Tampere University Research Portal

Selected publications

Koivunen, Tuija & Pyöriä, Pasi & Saari, Tiina (2023) Job Pride and Work Orientation among Blue-collar Workers in the Finnish Vehicle Industry. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 43(13/14): 229–244.

Mäkinen, Niklas & Tanskanen, Jussi & Ojala, Satu & Pyöriä, Pasi (2023) Part-time Workers’ Employment Trajectories by Length of Hours and Reason for Working Part-time: An Eight-year Follow-up Study. Sage Open 13(4): 1–16.

Pyöriä, Pasi & Ojala, Satu & Nätti, Jouko (2021) Precarious Work Increases Depression-based Disability among Male Employees. European Journal of Public Health 31(6): 1223–1230.

Riekhoff, Aart-Jan & Ojala, Satu & Pyöriä, Pasi (2021) Career Stability in Turbulent Times: A Cross-cohort Study of Mid-careers in Finland. Acta Sociologica 64(4): 437–458.

Ojala, Satu & Pyöriä, Pasi & Riekhoff, Aart-Jan (2021) Career Stability in 14 Finnish Industrial Employee Cohorts in 1988–2015. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies 11(2): 47–76.

Ojala, Satu & Pyöriä, Pasi (2019) Precarious Work and the Risk of Receiving a Disability Pension. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 47(3): 293–300.

Peutere, Laura & Ojala, Satu & Lipiäinen, Liudmila & Järvinen, Katri-Maria & Saari, Tiina & Pyöriä, Pasi (2019) Relational Justice, Economic Fluctuations, and Long-term Sickness Absence: A Multi-cohort Study. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health 45(4): 413–420.

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Pyöriä, Pasi & Ojala, Satu (2016) Precarious Work and Intrinsic Job Quality: Evidence from Finland, 1984–2013. The Economic and Labour Relations Review 27(3): 349–367. (Special issue on Rethinking Precariousness and Flexibility).

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Koivumäki, Jaakko & Pyöriä, Pasi (2012) The Paradox of Post-bureaucracy: Trust Formation among State Administration Employees in Finland. Journal of Social Research & Policy 3(1): 115–125.

Pyöriä, Pasi (2011) Managing Telework: Risks, Fears and Rules. Management Research Review 34(4): 386–399.

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