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Tampere University
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About me

Researcher and teacher interested in human-technology interaction, with special expertise on the applied use of eye tracking in interfaces.  


- Usability Evaluation Methods
- Methods in Human-Centered Design  

Teacher tutor for Human-Technology Interaction (HTITLY ) module in the Master's Programme in Computing Sciences 

Supervisor of Master's theses on topics related to my expertise and research interests (see my google scholar profile). 

Researcher in Erasmus+ project on Emerging Media Exploration (EMEX) and co-teacher in courses organized by EMEX. 

Fields of expertise

Eye tracking, gaze-controlled interfaces, human-computer interaction (HCI), gaze-based HCI, usability user, experience, accessibility, user/human-centered design (UCD/HCD), animal-computer interaction (ACI)

Main positions of trust

Memberships and positions of trust in scientific societies

2015-current, Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Eye Movement Research. 

2018-2021, Member of the Steering Committee of ACM ETRA

2018-2020, President, Vice President (2015-2018) and Member (2018-2021) of the Management Board of the COGAIN Association.

2014-2018, Member of the Steering Committee of PETMEI international workshop series.

2012-2014, Secretary of Finnish Society for Computer Science , member since 2011.

2003-2005, Auditor of ACM SIGCHI Finland , member since 2001.


In-house positions of trust at Tampere University

2020-2022, Leader of the Visual Interaction Research Group (VIRG)

2019-2020, Member of the Steering Board of Doctoral Education, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Tampere University

2017-2020, Member of the Steering Board of Master’s Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction (HTI), (prev. University of Tampere) Tampere University. From 2021-current, MSc in Computing Sciences / Specialization in HTI. 

2017-2018, Member of the Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tampere

Research unit

Selected publications

For a list of publications, see Google Scholar