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YouTube full of research

Published on 13.7.2021
Tampere University
HeikkiHeikkilä. Tutkija.
Last spring, Tampere University published many videos showing researchers and new professors present their research. Watch and find some interesting perspectives!

How can we build a sustainable world together? In a series of concise one-minute videos, more than 30 researchers from different disciplines at Tampere University answer questions about what they do, what motivates them, and what the next big advance will be in their field. They approach the theme of sustainability from unexpected angles.

Building a sustainable world is not just about recycling and reducing carbon emissions; it can also be about utilising gamification, language research, laser applications, nanophotonics, research on multiculturality, or well-functioning public services.

The videos were published on Tampere Universities YouTube channel and now all 33 are complete.

The four emerging areas of fundamental research identified earlier in Tampere University’s strategy were the subject of more extensive video presentations, which are also available on YouTube.

In May, a group of new professors from Tampere University, who started in their posts in 2019–2020, as well as professors of practice and industry professors from all faculties, introduced themselves to the higher education community and all those interested in their topics in video lectures. In the lectures that last about 10-15 minutes, the professors present their research and field. 

Meet the new professors on the University’s website. The lectures are also available on the YouTube channel.