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UNITE GamiFOREST Coffee Talks #7: Gamification for Sustainable Consumption

Tampere University
30.9.2022 13.00–14.00
Can we lead to living better lives by facilitating sustainable consumption with gamification? Come join our discussion on Friday and listen to Georgina Guillén-Hanson's talk!

While forests are not directly mentioned in the sustainable goal 12 (responsible consumption and production) their relevance to our everyday lives is undeniable, particularly if we consider that, if global consumption patterns continue as they are today, by 2030, humanity will need the resources of two planets Earths to support itself. To enable shifts from current to sustainable consumption practices, it is important to start with individual lifestyle changes and what opportunities exist to make them happen. Through a practice-oriented approach, this study aims at answering the question: “how can gamification enable sustainable consumption practices?” exploring different ways that gamification is and could be tackling these opportunities. Gearing towards its third year, this research has explored theoretical and practical implementations of gamification across different domains of sustainable consumption, from communication to individual agency distribution and supporting mechanisms, revealing the prevalence of weak sustainable consumption narratives as well as innovative ways of linking global challenges with personal choice.



The aim of the Gamiforest Coffee Talks is to give the latest updates about the different projects going on in the scope of the Gamification Work Package of Unite Project and start conversations around them. Each month a researcher from Gamification Group, Tampere University will give talks about the following subjects. Our ultimate purpose with these talks is to create awareness about the possible ways of gamifying forests, raise discussions, hear the feedback of the community and form collaborations with the interested parties. Please leave your e-mail address through the form below if you want to be reminded about the talks closer to their dates. Subscribe to email notifications if you want to be informed about upcoming talks or see the videos of previous talks:


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