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Training on researcher profiles and researcher evaluation in March 2024

Published on 6.3.2024
Tampere Universities
Researcher, is your information up to date in researcher profiles such as ORCID, Scopus Author Identifier and the Researcher's Profile on the portal? It is worth checking and maintaining your data, as the information in these services provides a knowledge base for researcher evaluation.

In this training session organised by the library, we will go through some of the researcher identifiers and profiles used in the academic community. Researcher identifiers allow researchers to ensure that their scientific activities are associated with the right person. Keeping your profile up to date also improves the visibility of research outputs.

Because the data collected from researcher profiles is often used in research evaluation, we will also explain the basics of responsible researcher evaluation. Researcher evaluation takes place, for example, when recruiting or applying for funding. 

Trainings on Researcher profiles for researcher visibility and criteria for researcher evaluation

  • Friday 15 March at 9.00–10.00 (in Finnish) 
  • Tuesday 19 March at 15.00–16.00 (in English)  

Please find Zoom link on intranet Personnel trainings.
Trainings have the same content. The sessions will not be recorded.

More information: lib.metrics [at]