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Top photos from the opening week’s photo competition showcase human potential

Published on 20.9.2019
Tampere Universities
The jury was made up of Aamulehti’s photojournalist Ossi Ahola, Senior Lecturer (photography) Antti Haapio of TAMK, Creative Director Leena Periaho of KASKI Agency and photographer Jonne Renvall of Tampere University. When reviewing the photos, the jury assessed how well they fitted in with the theme of the competition and how insightfully they illustrated the solution. The jury also considered the freshness of the ideas, their usefulness for people and the environment as well as lighting, layout and originality.

About thirty photos were submitted to the photo competition held during the opening week of Tampere Universities. The theme of the contest was the human potential to find solutions to problems. Contestants were invited to enter the competition as follows: Take part in our photo competition through social media! What are the problems and issues that you have already resolved, are in the process of resolving or are looking to resolve either by yourself or with you friends and colleagues – and how? Share your story on Instagram (@tampereuni) or Twitter (@TampereUni) or Facebook. Use the hashtags #ihminenratkaisee or #humanpotentialunlimited and #kuvaaratkaisu.

The jury selected the four best photos, which all illustrate an original idea and are therefore perfectly aligned with the original assignment. The photos are meaningful and highlight people as doers and innovators. Regardless of whether the photographer has adopted a broad historical perspective or focused on an every-day idea, the human potential to find solutions is strongly felt.

Simo K. Ritari

- Eco-friendly cleaning soap made from used oil.


Monica Sanchez Torres

- I am not good at managing stress and during my PhD studies the stress levels have been getting higher. So, I decided to give painting a go and enrolled in a course from tamk_uas called introduction to painting. I had never used watercolors or acrylics before but now I Iove it. Not only I have found a new hobby but also a way to let the stress away.



Lauren Stevens

- Swimming in cold water increases blood flow throughout the body, which in turn helps improve circulation, allowing inflamed areas to heal more quickly, thereby reducing pain.


- James Finlayson brought the Industrial Revolution to Tampere in 1820, when the Senate of Finland permitted him to build a factory in Tampere using water power from the Tammerkoski rapids.