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Tampere University and Wapice jointly develop intelligent machines

Published on 22.2.2021
Tampere University
The cloud-based IoT Ticket platform allows the remote monitoring of the condition and performance of working machines.
Tampere University and Wapice have collaborated on smart mobile machines in the EDGE project. Wapice has provided IoT-TICKET® and a smart WRM247+ data collection system for the research. The aim is to bring intelligence to mobile machines, especially at edge level.

Tampere is a hub for the development and manufacture of mobile machinery. Cooperation between Tampere University and Wapice has been a great opportunity for both to share knowledge around the subject while creating new innovations. Close cooperation with the Tampere University helps Wapice to develop its own capabilities and enables researchers to utilise Wapice's advanced technology.

The EDGE project has a smart WRM247+ data collection system installed on the mobile machine. The edge computing enables analysis close to the device.

“Analyses were carried out to calculate the effectiveness of load loading based on sensor data from the device. In addition, fuel consumption and engine power data can be used to compare the efficiency of drivers in different jobs,” says professor Kalevi Huhtala from Tampere University.

The cooperation in the project has been beneficial also within IoT Ticket solution. IoT Ticket is cloud based Internet of Things platform, that enables remote monitoring and control of assets and data acquisition from sensors and edge computing devices. The analytics and reporting tools of the system can be utilized for example in the tracking of operational performance and condition monitoring of assets.

“Knowledge have been shared in recurrent progress report meetings, in addition meetings have been held between researchers and developers on the state of development. IoT-TICKET® has been excellent. The environment has been easy to use and has enabled the design and implementation of our own analyses and dashboards in the project." says project researcher Jonathan Shabulinzenze from Tampere University.

"Wapice invests heavily annually in product development, one aspect is research cooperations with universities in various projects. This has been a great opportunity to collaborate with the new united Tampere University. We have learned a lot about smart mobile machines, and we can directly utilise this information with Wapice's customers, creating smarter services with them," comments Jyrki Keskinen, Director of Energy Business Line, Wapice Oy.

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