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Tampere Universities fly rainbow flags for equality and non-discrimination

Published on 10.6.2024
Tampere Universities
TREY board and Keijo Hämäläinen raising the flag.
On Tampere University’s city centre campus, the flag was raised by TREY Board members Mira Kokko (left), Anna Löhönen, Ingá Ryhänen, Riikka Yli-Rahnasto, Jemina Niskala, Rolands Jansons and Chair Noora Hakulinen together with the University’s President Keijo Hämäläinen.Photo: Jonne Renvall
Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tamko Student Union and Tampere University and TREY Student Union raised rainbow flags to begin Manse Pride week.

On 10—16 June 2024, the Manse Pride week organised by the Sinuiksi association will be celebrated for the 10th time. This year’s slogan is ‘ever stronger together’. Tampere Universities are committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination, opposing discrimination, and welcoming students and staff from a variety of starting points.

“As a community, we must create an operating culture where equality and non-discrimination are seen as cutting across all our operations. This requires both leading the operating culture and the commitment of each university community member to a shared value set,” says President Keijo Hämäläinen from Tampere University.

Noora Hakulinen, Chair of TREY Student Union, finds the diversity of the student community a huge asset.

“Everyone must be able to come to the university and student events as they are, feeling safe, which is why it is important that we promote equality round the year, not just during this week,” Hakulinen says.

Katja Komulainen ja Julia Väänänen lifting the flag.
On the main campus of TAMK, Vice President Katja Komulainen (left) and Tamko’s Chair Julia Väänänen raised the rainbow flag.
Photo: Saara Kontiainen

On the main campus of TAMK in Kauppi, the flag was raised by Vice President for Education Katja Komulainen and Chair Julia Väänänen from Tamko Student Union.

“We respect diversity in our community as one of the building blocks of non-discrimination. TAMK is for everyone and offers a safe space for studying and working,” Komulainen says.

According to Komulainen, TAMK strives to prevent expressions, structures and operations that maintain or increase inequality as it strengthens and increases practices that implement equality and non-discrimination.

Tamko Student Union encourages every student and people working with students to commit to the values of the higher education community.

“We encourage everyone to learn more about the history and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and to work actively to promote equality. Together, we can build a community where everyone can feel safe and accepted,” Julia Väänänen says.