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Tampere universities community honor Ukraine’s national day with flags

Published on 23.8.2022
Tampere Universities
Tampereen koskimaisema, kuva Unsplash-palvelu.
On Ukraine’s Independence Day, 24 August, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University flag to show their respect and support for the Ukrainians.

Ukranian flags will be raised on Wednesday at the university’s and TAMK’s campuses. The university illuminates the main building of the city centre campus from 21 to 5 o’clock. Artist Charles Sandison has adapted his work of light art, Universitas, with blue and yellow colors.

With the flagging on Ukraine’s national day, Tampere universities community wants to show support for the Ukranian people. Likewise, the day is noted by the City of Tampere and a group of its cooperative partners.